Hello Scent

Tealight Gift Box - 5pcs

Five beautifully scented tea lights, encased in a sliding gift box, and tied with jute string and dried flowers (or dried fruit during autumn/winter)

We DO NOT recommend the use of our tea lights inside wax burners due to being scented. They must only be used by themselves or in a decorative tea light holder.

Top notes: cinnamon, clove + citrus
Middle notes: cinnamon, nutmeg + orange flower
Base notes: vanilla + patchouli

Top notes: anise
Middle notes: gingerbread, cinnamon + clove
Base notes: maple syrup, vanilla + caramel

Christmas Tree
Top notes: pine, eucalyptus + green leaf Middle notes: pine
Base notes: pine, sandalwood, cedarwood + musk

Top notes: sparkling citrus
Middle notes: lavender
Base notes: tonka, vanilla + amber

Top notes: ozone + seaweed
Middle notes: waterlily + cyclamen
Base notes: driftwood, musk + amber

Top notes: autumnal plum, cassis + bergamot
Middle notes: black cherry, cinnamon + nutmeg
Base notes: patchouli, tonka + musk

Top notes: green leaf + neroli
Middle notes: orange blossom, ylang-ylang + jasmine
Base notes: musk

Top notes: pineapple + sweet orange
Middle notes: creamy coconut
Base notes: almond, peach + caramel

Top notes: honey, tobacco + spice
Middle notes: sandalwood
Base notes: amber, tonka + patchouli

Top notes: rum, bergamot + grapefruit
Middle notes: labdanum + clove
Base notes: tobacco, leather + moss

Top notes: bergamot, melon + pineapple
Middle notes: eucalyptus, gardenia + thyme
Base notes: amber, moss + cedarwood

Top notes: damascan rose, bergamot + hawthorn
Middle notes: violet, geranium + ylang ylang
Base notes: oak moss, cedar wood + bergamot

Top notes: lemon, orange + bergamot
Middle notes: herbs, neroli, mint + ozone
Base notes: musk, amber + moss

Top notes: mango, lychee, orange, raspberry + apple
Middle notes: rose, peony + jasmine
Base notes: sugar + woods

Top notes: orange, berry + lemon
Middle notes: orange, rhubarb violet, eucalyptus
Base notes: vanilla + amber

Top Notes: bergamot, neroli + ylang ylang
Middle Notes: hibiscus, jasmine, gardenia + oange blossom
Base Notes: musk, woods, dried fruit

Top notes: apple, guava + watermelon
Middle notes: hibiscus, coconut water + jasmine
Base notes: cedarwood , sandalwood + musk

Top notes: rosemary, lemon + anise
Middle notes: jasmine, lily + violet
Base notes: cedarwood, amber + musk

Top notes: bluebell + hyacinth
Middle notes: lavender, rose + jasmine
Base notes: musk

Top notes: rhubarb, pineapple + peppermint
Middle notes: elderflower + tea rose
Base notes: musk + precious woods

Care instructions (provided with each order)

- Keep out of reach of children and pets
- Trim wick to 5mm after each burn and keep wax pool clear of debris
- Never leave candle unattended
- Never move candle when burning
- Keep away from drafts or fans