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Spring Trio - Fruity + Floral

Spring Trio - Fruity + Floral
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A specially selected, trio of fruity + floral wax melts slabs handpicked from our spring collection.

Trio set includes three full size wax melt slabs (worth £4.50 each) and three unscented tea lights. Each set is carefully presented using eco friendly packaging and will arrive through the letterbox.

Top notes: mango, lychee, orange, raspberry + apple
Middle notes: rose, peony + jasmine
Base notes: sugar + woods

Top Notes: bergamot, neroli + ylang ylang
Middle Notes: hibiscus, jasmine, gardenia + oange blossom
Base Notes: musk, woods, dried fruit

Top notes: apple, guava + watermelon
Middle notes: hibiscus, coconut water + jasmine
Base notes: cedarwood , sandalwood + musk

Simply place 1 cube into a melt approved burner and use one unscented, four hour tea light. The melt should only take a couple of moments to fill the room with opulent aroma.